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Forecast 3.0

The new forecast uses coordinates to fetch the weather instead of using the URL for YR. At this point we have not yet implemented a method of fetching the coordinates, so this has to be done manually for now.

  • Go to Google Maps.
  • Search for your location.
  • Right click at the point you want the forecast from and select the first choice with the coordinates. This copies the coordinates to your clipboard.
  • Paste the coordinates in the first field in iQ named «Coordinates«

If you for any reason want to type the coordinates yourself, make sure it has two numbers containing a dot «.» separated by a comma «,» (not the other way around).

Example: 59.90807, 10.73680

  • The second field is the name of the place where the forecast is from. Type the name of the town/city/place here (ex.: Oslo)
  • The third field is what language you want the forecast to be in. Select your preferred language.
  • Click «Ok«

Note that in this version the background image you have selected in the message will not be used on the screens, as the screen uses a background fitting the current weather instead.