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Media is where all files, such as images and videos, are uploaded and managed. All media content you want to use in messages, or on the displays in general, must be uploaded first to be accessible.

Preparing media

  • When preparing media in programs such as Photoshop you can’t save the images using the regular «Save as» function. The upload function will not handle all the metadata the file has.
  • Using the «Save for web» function in Photoshop makes the file smaller in size and metadata. This also makes it easier for the screens read for the upload function.

Adding media

  • Go to Content -> Media, and then press Upload (Alternatively press the Upload Media button on the Home screen).
  • Either press the «Add Files…» button and choose the files you wish to upload, or drag and drop the files directly onto the web page.
  • Press «Start Upload» when you are finished selecting files.