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Setup content

  • Log in to https://iq.comq.no/
  • Go to Content -> Media, and press Upload.
    • Drag and drop the images you want to use, and press Start.
  • Go to Content -> Templates and press New Template.
    • Give the template a title and a background image.
    • Add the wanted placeholders where you want them, and press Save.
  • Either press «Create a Message» straight from Templates, or go to Content -> Messages and press New Message.
    • Select the template you just created (it might be preselected), and press Next.
    • Give the message a title.
    • Give each placeholder the content it requires (via the «Edit» button).
    • Press Save, and wait for the page to reload.
  • Either press «Add to Playlist», select your playlist, and press «Add», or go to Playlists, select your playlist, press «Insert Message», select your message, and press «Add».