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The content manager of the screens, as playlists controls which messages and media are shown, and in which order they are shown in.

Create/edit playlists

To create or edit playlists, press Playlists on the top bar.
To create a new playlist, press «New Playlist».
To edit an existing playlist, press the «Edit Properties» button under Action.

A playlist has three options to change:
«Playlist Title» – The name/title of the playlist. It must be a unique name.
«Default Transition» – Choose which transition should be set on all elements in the playlist, unless another transition is set in an element itself. [NOTE: Due to hardware limitations, the transitions may not work flawlessly, and we therefore do not recommend to use them. Use at your own precaution.]
«Default Duration, sec» – Is the default duration in seconds that each element is shown on the screens, except where an element has a different duration set. Videos added directly to playlists are unaffected of this setting, and will play their full duration.

Manage content

To manage the content of a playlist, press the name/title of the playlist, or the «Manage Content» button under Action.

«Add Content» – Add images or videos directly to the playlist. The elements are stretched to fit the display ratio.
«Insert Playlist» – Add another playlist inside the current playlist.
«Insert Message» – Add a message to the current playlist.

In the list, you can mark several elements to remove them all at once. You can also drag each element up and down the list to change the order, or press the «Up» and «Down» button to do the same. Changes in the list order are saved immediately.

«Edit» – Change duration or transition of the element, without changing it for the rest of the playlist.
«Delete» – Delete the element from the playlist.